Video content and ad production

Stylish and practical presentation of your work.

We create video content that will set you apart from the competition! Even ordinary products and services can be captured extraordinarily. We will be happy to prepare a video advertisement that potential customers will not overlook.

10 Live streaming

Every new client is a new customer for us challenge to originality.

Video production

We cover video production from the idea to the actual realization. After brainstorming together, we will prepare the script, arrange the production stuff, direct the shoot and together we will finish the video in post-production.

Our team is extensive and we have no problem with virtually any type of video production. Whether you need to shoot a commercial, aftermovie, instructional video, business card, real estate or anything else, we're here for you.


Livestream, or even live streaming, is no problem for us. We provide live streaming from multiple cameras with high quality sound and graphics.

Our agency was created from an original video production. Thanks to this, we have a wealth of experience and numerous technical equipment, which we can expand and borrow from our partners as needed.

Are you ready?

Blast off with us!

Are you ready?

Blast off with us!