Website production and management

Everyone has their own website nowadays.
Don't neglect it and stand out in the right way.

It is more than likely that your customers will also be interested in your company online. More than a nonexistent or unrepresentative website, only a lot of bad reviews can negatively surprise them.
So let's work together to provide your customers with enough information and leave a great impression!

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We make sites that are

Website creation

See the process of developing your new website that will give you more credibility, strengthen your name, attract new clients and drive organic traffic.

We get to know your vision, expectations and goals.

You tell us your idea, we look at the competitors' websites, consider our recommendations and make you a no-obligation quote.

We are arranging cooperation.

We will set clear rules for cooperation as well as a deadline by which the website must be ready. Of course, we will support everything contractually.

We are starting to create.

Based on all the previous materials, analyses and ideas, we will create a first prototype of the website - either with the content you have provided or with
the content we have created for you

You control and guide development.

You will see a prototype of your website right in your browser and you will have the opportunity to comment on our work, guide it and point out mistakes. It is essential that the website fulfills its function, so that your clients are satisfied with it, but so are you.

We are editing and finalizing.

We will make adjustments and correct the errors you have brought to our attention. We will then put the website in its final state and prepare it for launch.

We test and optimize.

Finally, we test the site on different devices and web browsers to make sure it displays correctly for everyone. We then perform SEO optimization and launch your website to the world.

We ensure functionality.

If we want your website to work properly, it is necessary to take care of it continuously and it is also advisable to create new content. We will of course help you with this, as well as with future modifications.

Managing your website

Don't waste your valuable time with things we can do for you. Faster, more professional and with respect to the design of your website. For minor modifications we guarantee execution within 24 hours.

Content creation, copywriting
Data update
Adding products to the e-shop
Technical service and backup
Creating and managing emails
Are you ready?

Blast off with us!

Are you ready?

Blast off with us!