What is virtual home staging real estate?

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Furnishing a property when selling it can be time-consuming and costly, especially if you need to get the property on the market as soon as possible. Saving time, money, stress and increasing demand were the reasons we decided to expand our real estate services to include virtual home staging.

We have already arranged more than 100 properties virtually. The next one could be yours.

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Advantages of virtual home staging over traditional home staging

1. Realising the full potential of the property

Often we are faced with the fact that in order to use the full potential of the property, it would be necessary to make fundamental changes, which are not realistic to implement. With virtual home staging you will not encounter such limits and here and there in the photos can suddenly appear, for example, a swimming pool or a greenhouse.

4. Removing distracting elements

If you furnish a property in the traditional way, you have to take into account certain physical rules. However, this is not the case if you are furnishing a property virtually. Using virtual home staging we can remove various disturbing elements that could not normally be removed (such as the neighbour’s garden).

2. Lower price

If you decide to go for a virtual home staging (virtual renovation of the property) all the equipment is added digitally – you don’t have to buy it, pay for its storing and even transportation, so you save money in the end.

3. Less time-consuming

While with traditional home staging you would have to spend hours arranging and transporting furniture, with virtual home staging this worry is gone. We will handle everything and all you have to do is send us an email.

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Furnished properties are sold by 25% faster than unfurnished.

Price for virtual home staging

We furnish the property and also digitally clean it of unnecessary items. The price for virtual home staging is from 25€ / picture. We will be more than happy to send you an up-to-date pricing list by email.

Your virtual home staging

Are you interested in this way of furnishing a property and would you like to stage effectively? Contact us and let our cooperation begin. 🙂