Has your Facebook page been stolen? How to get it back?

ako ziskat spat facebook stranku

Often clients ask us how to get back a Facebook page they have lost access to. You are not alone, this problem is common. We have been able to regain ownership of several Facebook pages in the past and we can help you too.

How can you lose access to your Facebook page?

Losing admin access to a Facebook page is a pretty common thing. In many cases, however, access to the page can be regained. The most common case is when someone else sets up the Facebook page and over time the person cannot be contacted, or the contact has been cut off in a not-so-pink way and so the business owner avoids this contact.

hacknuty facebook reklamny ucet.jpg

The biggest wrinkle we've dealt with

This was a situation where a client began to have large sums of money drained from their bank account by Facebook. Our first action was to remove the credit card from the advertising account and then we began to investigate the situation. We discovered that the hackers had gained access to the Facebook page thanks to a virus that one of the admins had on his phone. He had managed to install this virus through inattention, along with an outwardly harmless application.

How did it turn out?

We completely purged all people with access to the site, disconnected all unnecessary integrations and removed any spammy ads that were created. We were able to negotiate with Facebook to return the page to its original state, as well as refund all money back to the client. To this day, however, it is a mystery to us how these ads were able to go through the sophisticated new ad review process and be approved by Facebook extremely quickly.

What is the lesson from this situation?

Be careful about what you download, run and which apps you give access to use the information on your devices. Sometimes it can cost you a hell of a lot.

We are ready to lend you a hand

We've had a lot of phone calls with Facebook and it's safe to say we already know how to do it. So we're happy to help you with your current situation, whether you've already lost access or someone has hacked your account. All you have to do is contact us, tell us what's the matter and we'll already assess the situation.